5 ways to stay more active throughout the day

We understand that staying active can be overwhelming especially when you’re always on the go! According to UT Southwestern Medical Centre, here are 5 ways you can stay active throughout the day:

1. Build movement into chores. Find ways to multitask, whether you’re making dinner, cleaning, or brushing your teeth. Do a few sets of jumping jacks, squats, and lunges while waiting for water to boil. When you bend down to pick something off the floor, get all the way down and do a few push-ups. Walk in place or do calf raises while brushing your teeth. Some movement is better than nothing.

2. Exercise during errands. If you’re able, walk or bike to the store. If you drive, park a bit further away from the store entrance to get in extra steps and do a few laps around the store once you’re inside.

3. Move while watching TV. You’ll feel better about spending a weekend afternoon bingeing your favorite show if you jog in place or do jumping jacks between episodes. You can also use this time to tone your muscles with resistance bands.

4. Play more. Take the kids to the playground or join friends on a walk – both can get your heart rate up. If you’re stuck indoors, turn on some music and have a dance party. Movement should be fun!

5. Walk during your lunch break. I’m not suggesting you replace your meal with movement. Before eating, take a few laps around the block. The break will help your body and mind – exercise also improves brain health.