AED’s For Schools To Remember Griffin


On February 24, 2017, during recess, Griffin Martin was playing outside with his friends at school, when he paused and fell down. To his friend’s it looked like a practical joke, but they soon realized that he wasn’t joking around. Griffin was suffering from a cardiac arrest.

After noticing the incident, school officials began attempts to resuscitate Griffin. Paramedics and ER doctors continued their efforts but were ultimately unsuccessful.

Griffin’s family reflected on the incident and wondered if something more could have been done to help him. They came to the conclusion that with the assistance of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) during those first moments of his cardiac arrest, he may have had a better chance of surviving.

To honor Griffin’s memory, his family has launched a fundraiser to place AED’s in Ottawa schools so that kids may have a better opportunity of surviving a similar situation.

Griffin’s family has teamed up with The Mikey Network to help raise funds to provide AED’s for Ottawa schools, support AED training for staff, and ensure AED registration.

Please join us in supporting their AED’s For Schools campaign. Visit to learn more about Griffin’s story and to make a donation.


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  1. S Uddin says:

    Our son was diagnosed with HCM ten years ago when he was six. Only because a very astute pediatrician heard a murmur that he had never heard before so he recommended further testing with a pediatric cardiologist. That changed the course of our lives. I am deeply saddened for the Martin family. I can only imagine their grief. We placed an AED in our son’s public school not just for him but for anyone who might suffer cardiac distress. I hope their story will inspire others to help with putting AEDs into schools – something that can save lives.
    The Minors
    Markham Ontario


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