Canada’s 911 Foundation’s Incredible Support Over the Years

Today, our Mikey ambassador Johanna Coutinho- Miss Mississauga World, who is competing in Miss World Canada next month got to meet Dan Lawrence- Founder of Canada’s 911.

Canada’s 911 foundation has been an incredible supporter of The Mikey Network since 2007.

Since then, they have raised and donated over $200K, which has helped several families across Ontario. We are so privileged to have the support of Canada’s 911 team and foundation.

On the other hand, our Mikey ambassador- Johanna strives to work alongside us with our Mikey Kids Program. Johanna’s goal and her Beauty with a Purpose project are to essentially raise awareness and raise funds to implement as many AEDs as possible.

Meeting someone like Dan, who takes so much effort and pride to support The Mikey Network is something to truly be grateful for and to me that is inspiring, where I can help alongside and use my platform for the better,” said, Johanna Coutinho – Miss Mississauga World (Mikeys Ambassador).

Thank you to Canada’s 911 Foundation for all of their support and their continued partnership with us.

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