2012 Mikey Network Award recipients at Ryerson School of Nutrition

Rena Mendelson with 2012 Mikey Network Award recipients Pascalyn Annoh and Teresa Chiu

Congratulations to Pascalyn Annoh and Teresa Chiu, the 2012 Mikey Network Awards recipients at  Ryerson University School of Nutrition.

The awards were presented at the 2012 School of Nutrition Awards Ceremony on  Thursday, November 15th 2012.  The Mikey Network Awards are presented annually to students in the Nutrition and Food program and were established by The Mikey Network to provide financial assistance and recognize academic excellence and a commitment to the promotion of nutrition to prevent chronic heart diseases.

This Save-A-Life Simulator is part of the The HeartRescue Project and it is so amazing we just had to share it.Heart Rescue Project

It walks you through a situation where someone is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  As it tests your knowledge, it simultaneously teaches you what to do if you find yourself in the position of helping someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.

Please take the time to go through the simulator.  It is very well done, and it’s also a lot of fun!


The HeartRescue Project, funded by the Medtronic Foundation, is dedicated to improving how sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is recognized, treated and measured.