The MIKEY’s installed under the The Mikey’s Young at Heart School Defibrillator Program are available to hundreds of high school and continuing education students, their teachers and school staff. The life-saving potential is even greater when you consider that schools form the heart of our communities. MIKEYS will also benefit all of the individuals and neighbourhood groups who regularly attend meetings, play sports, vote at their local polling stations, and participate in other special events held on school property.

To date, over 250 MIKEYS have been placed in High Schools including the Toronto District School Board, Halton District School Board, Halton Catholic District School Board and Limestone District Schoolboard. More importantly, students have already been saved by a MIKEY because of this important program.

Mikey Network Peel Schools Defibrillator DonationToday we gathered at Applewood Heights Secondary School in Mississauga, to make an exciting announcement for our Mikey Young At Heart Peel District School Board initiative.

We’ve committed to placing our MIKEYs (defibrillators) in all 250+ schools in the Peel District- a $500,000, 3 year initiative. This is the largest defibrillator donation ever to a North American School Board.

Schools are not just for educating our children, they act as vital community centres. We estimate that having the new MIKEYs available in all Peel District schools will benefit 1,296,814 people including students, faculty, staff, and members of the community that use school facilities for sporting venues, continuing education, and polling centres.

mikey defibrillatorA generous donation of $160,000 from Heathwood Homes, has kicked the program into high gear and the first defibrillator has already been installed at Applewood Heights Secondary School.

Bob Finnigan, COO Housing at The Heron Group of Companies and Heathwood Homes, presented the cheque and announced, “Each  Heathwood homeowner at our new Meadowgreen community will have a MIKEY donated to a Peel District school in their name.”

Hugh Heron, President of Heathwood Homes and Chairman of The Mikey Network, spoke about the importance of defibrillators. “Nineteen lives have been saved by MIKEY defibrillators, including three young students.”

Dipika Damerla, MPP of Mississauga East-Cooksville said, “[Mikey Young At Heart] will be a momentous and meaningful part of Peel history. Thank you to Heathwood Homes for committing to Peel this large donation.”

Brad Butt, Member of Parliament – Mississauga-Streetsville, read a message from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, commending us on our efforts and wishing us well. He added that “approximately 155,000 students and 15,000 school employees in public Peel schools will benefit from MIKEYs.”

Janet McDougald, Chair of Peel District School Board said, “the key focus of the Peel District School Board is to promote a healthy living environment. We’re so grateful to celebrate a donation of 250+ MIKEYs, improving safety for all. Thank you Hugh Heron [of Heathwood Homes].”

Tony Pontes, Director of Education at Peel District School Board said, “this is an exciting moment for all of us. It’s an incredible step forward for the well-being of our students. We support [Heathwood Homes] Hugh Heron’s goal of having a MIKEY everywhere there is a fire extinguisher. We are so thankful.”

emily12-year-old Mikey Student Ambassador, Emily Herbert, is at risk for cardiac arrest due to an inherited disease known as Brugada syndrome. She has her own personal MIKEY defibrillator through our Mikey’s Kids program.

Emily spoke about how she benefits from having a MIKEY close at hand, saying “Now I can play soccer and do cheerleading. The MIKEY is like a seat belt. I hope I never need it, but it protects me if I do.”

The Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, was also in attendance. She said, “We need these [MIKEY defibrillators] all over the place. Heathwood Homes is a perfect example of a builder giving back. Thank you for all your wonderful work.”

The event concluded with a demonstration of a “live save” showing how a MIKEY defibrillator would be used to help someone suffering Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 

Thank you to all our esteemed guests for coming out to celebrate this important initiative. We especially want to thank Applewood Heights Secondary School for hosting our press conference. Congratulations on your new MIKEY defibrillator!

Visit to learn more about the Mikey Young At Heart “Peel Plus” program.

The Mikey Network has committed to donating 250 MIKEYs (defibrillators) for The Peel District School Board to place in all of its elementary and secondary schools.  Chairman Hugh Heron, joins Tom Hayes on CityNews to talk about why we need defibrillators in all schools, and why they should be as common as fire extinguishers in public places.

This is a CityNews Toronto video. If you are on a mobile phone and you cannot see it, please view it on the CityNews website.


In this video, CityNews Tom Hayes shows how all schools in Peel Region will soon be better equipped to save a life. The Peel District School Board will be receiving 250 MIKEYs (defibrillators from The Mikey Network’s Young at Heart program and will be placed in the schools over a three-year period.

This is a CityNews Toronto video. If you are on a mobile phone and you cannot see it, please view it on the CityNews website.

Read the full CityNews Story Here

Thanks to the quick-thinking of gym teacher Jeff Crewe, 18 year old high school student Ajethan Ramachandranathan, is alive today.

Jeff Crewe used MIKEY defibrillator to save student's life

Weston Collegiate Institute gym teacher Jeff Crewe.PHOTO Aaron Vincent Elkaim for National Post

The Weston Collegiate Institute student was in Jeff Crewe’s gym class Friday morning, when the boy went into cardiac arrest.

Crewe quickly grabbed the school’s MIKEY defibrillator and went to work saving his student’s life.

In an interview with CityNews Toronto, Crewe said,

“He just collapsed. There was nothing leading up to it, his eyes were rolled to the back of his head, and his tongue was out of his mouth and there was nothing. No emotion. No nothing.

We got the defibrillator, we put the defibrillator on him, the machine said shock advised, we shocked him.

He started gasping again, that’s when we stopped chest compressions and we just kept talking to him, encouraging him to keep breathing.  He’s a wonderful young man with a bright future and that’s all we could hope for, that he would be okay.”

Ajethan Ramachandranathan, student saved by MIKEY defibrillator

Ajethan Ramachandranathan, April 17, 2012. PHOTO CITYNEWS.

Said Ajethan Ramachandranathan from his hospital room,

“He saved my life. I really need to see him in person and thank him for that. Thank you sir for saving my life.

Now knowing I almost died, I’m going to try to live life even fuller…going to try to do things I’ve never done before,”


The MIKEY was donated to Weston Collegiate Institute by The Mikey Network through our Mikey Young At Heart School Defibrillator Program.  120 MIKEYS (defibrillators), plus the cost of training of up to eight staff at each location, were donated to the TDSB in 2007.

See the entire interview on CityNews Toronto.

The story was also covered in the National Post.

Tom Hayes from City News Toronto, reports on the quick thinking teachers at Silverhorn Collegiate Highschool that used a MIKEY to save a 17 year old student.

The MIKEY was placed at the school through our Mikey’s Young At Heart School Defibrillator Program.

Part 1 (5:30 Newscast)

Part 2 (6:00 Newscast)