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This Save-A-Life Simulator is part of the The HeartRescue Project and it is so amazing we just had to share it.Heart Rescue Project

It walks you through a situation where someone is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).  As it tests your knowledge, it simultaneously teaches you what to do if you find yourself in the position of helping someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.

Please take the time to go through the simulator.  It is very well done, and it’s also a lot of fun!


The HeartRescue Project, funded by the Medtronic Foundation, is dedicated to improving how sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is recognized, treated and measured.

WindReach Farm received four MIKEY defibrillators from The Mikey Network  following a special presentation, July 11, 2012.

Located in Ashburn, ON, WindReach Farm provides an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for persons of all ages and disabilities by providing opportunities to enjoy experiences in a natural setting, through their Day Visitors, Work Experience and Therapeutic Riding Programs.

The Mikey Network places defibrillators at WindReach FarmDurham Regional Chair and CEO Roger Anderson takes a takes a training lesson in applying a MIKEY defibrillator under the watchful eyes of (right to left) Kimberly Wilkinson, Clinical Coordinator, Central East Prehospital Care Program, Lakeridge Health; Whitby Mayor, Pat Perkins and Heathwood Homes President and Mikey Network Chairman, Hugh Heron.



 WindReach Farm received four MIKEY defibrillators from The Mikey NetworkThe presentation of the MIKEYs was made by (left to right) Heathwood Homes President and Mikey Network Chairman Hugh Heron and Executive Director Morty Henkle with Whitby Mayor Pat Perkins and Durham Regional Chair and CEO Roger Anderson participating in the ceremony.

Photos: Nicola Betts, 2012

defibrillator training at Davies Harley Davidson in Richmond Hill, ONDavies Harley Davidson, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is one of our most recent MIKEY placements and City News Toronto was there as the staff went through their CPR / AED Training.

The GTA biker community have been longtime supporters of The Mikey Network through  Canada’s 911 Ride– a 2 day, 750 Km, ride complete with a police escort.


Davies Harley Davidson Richmond HillDavies Harley Davidson in Richmond Hill, Ontario,  just got a little safer.  

Every MIKEY we place is exciting, but this week was just a little more fun than usual.

Davies Harley Davidson had their MIKEY  installed and their staff was trained in AED / CPR.

Even if you don’t ride, who doesn’t love a beautiful Harley?  We couldn’t resist the excuse opportunity to head to this amazing dealership in Richmond Hill, to meet the staff as they went through their MIKEY training (and see some of the most amazing motorcycles around!)

Placing MIKEYs in as many public places as possible is part of our mission at The Mikey Network.  We hope more businesses follow Davies Harley Davidson’s lead and install a MIKEY and train their staff in life-saving CPR / AED.


CPR / AED MIKEY Training at Davies Harley Davidson

Toronto EMS conducting CPR / AED Mikey training at Davies Harley Davidson

Morty Henkle Places MIKEY at Davies Harley Davidson

Morty Henkle Places MIKEY at Davies Harley Davidson


Tom Hayes and a crew from CityNews Toronto  was there to film a story about the MIKEY placement and staff training.  It will air tonight at 6:00 so be sure to tune in!

We want to thank Bob Davies for his hospitality, and support of The Mikey Network!


Once again, The Mikey Network was proud to partner with the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, at The 2012 Walk of Life.  The Walk  took place on place Sunday, May 27th, 2012 at a new location, the Evergreen Brick Works.

We want to thank all of our donors, volunteers, and all the members of Team Mikey for making the 2012 Walk of Life such a great success!

The Walk of Life raises money for the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, whose cardiac rehabilitation centres take over where our MIKEYs  leave off, helping thousands of cardiac survivors recover and ideally live long and heart healthy lives.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the Mikey Network raised $150,000!

The Brick Works was a wonderful place for a 3 KM or 5 KM Walk, or 5 KM Run.  This years event even featured a 10 KM Cycle.

It was a beautiful day, and the Team Mikey family was out in full force.