Cardiac arrest does not care how old you are. People have been saved using a MIKEY (AED), from infants to seniors.
Here are some of their stories …

CTV News reports on Craig and Jennifer Hansen, using their MIKEY defibrillator to save their two year old son, Carter. The video aired on CTV News, December 11, 2012

The Hansens received their MIKEY through our Mikey’s Kids program, which provides a MIKEY (a portable automated external defibrillator- AED), to families whose children are at high risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest to carry with them at all times so their kids are protected at home, school or play.
It is a fantastic story and we wanted to share it with the entire Mikey Network family.

Read more about the Hansen’s story.

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It takes a community to help a child with heart problems…
Please help us place a MIKEY in the home of every family in need.


We received the best kind of news today! One of our Mikey’s Kids families called to let us know we gave their toddler a second chance at life.

Through the Mikey’s Kids program, Families whose children are at high risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) are provided with a MIKEY, a portable automated external defibrillator (AED), to carry with them at all times so their kids are protected at home, school or play.

The family was able to use their MIKEY AED and bring their child to the hospital to receive treatment.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family for a speedy recovery.

The child’s father Craig, was kind enough to tell his story in the comments section below.

Craig and Jennifer Hansen were able to use their MIKEY on their  2 year old son Carter, who went into arrhythmia.  After delivering a shock he started breathing on his own again and they observed him and kept the AED on him until EMS arrived.

Craig, Jennifer and Carter Hansen A Mikey's Kids familyCarter was brought to SickKids Hospital for treatment and is now back at home with his parents.

Craig said,

“You guys gave us another chance with our son. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Mikey Network Chairman Hugh Heron said this about the Mikey’s Kids program,

“When a child has a serious cardiac problem, the family lives in constant fear, knowing the heart can skip a beat at any moment.  As a result, the child often has to stay close to home and/or a hospital.  The Mikey’s Kids program provides families with portable MIKEYS so these children can lead more normal lives.  The Mikey Network works with various organizations including Toronto’s SickKids Hospital, Ottawa’s Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Hamilton’s McMaster Children’s Hospital, to provide MIKEYS to families in need.”

We are truly humbled by Craig and Jennifer’s story and we pray  for Carter.  We hope this inspires every family to learn CPR, and every family with a baby to learn infant CPR.

It takes a community to help a child with heart problems…
Please help us place a MIKEY in the home of every family in need


Toronto Police CollegeThe Mikey Network is proud and thankful that a police officer was saved using a MIKEY defibrillator.

On May 2, 2012, at the Toronto Police College, a 52 year old male police officer went into cardiac arrest while exercising as part of his regular training program.

“Fortunately, others at the Toronto Police College gymnasium on Birmingham St. in Etobicoke performed CPR and applied the MIKEY defibrillator. After two shocks, they were able to get a heartbeat. He was transported to Mississauga Trillium Hospital for treatment and is expected to make a full recovery,” said Mikey Network Chairman Hugh Heron.

The MIKEY was one of the approximately 60 defibrillator units donated to the Toronto Police Services, Provincial Courts and Collision Centres, as part of our Mikey Cops Are Tops program.

Police Officers put their lives on the line for total strangers every day.  They are among the first to arrive at emergencies and true heros in every sense of the word.  We are delighted that this officer’s emergency had a positive outcome.



Thanks to the quick-thinking of gym teacher Jeff Crewe, 18 year old high school student Ajethan Ramachandranathan, is alive today.

Jeff Crewe used MIKEY defibrillator to save student's life

Weston Collegiate Institute gym teacher Jeff Crewe.PHOTO Aaron Vincent Elkaim for National Post

The Weston Collegiate Institute student was in Jeff Crewe’s gym class Friday morning, when the boy went into cardiac arrest.

Crewe quickly grabbed the school’s MIKEY defibrillator and went to work saving his student’s life.

In an interview with CityNews Toronto, Crewe said,

“He just collapsed. There was nothing leading up to it, his eyes were rolled to the back of his head, and his tongue was out of his mouth and there was nothing. No emotion. No nothing.

We got the defibrillator, we put the defibrillator on him, the machine said shock advised, we shocked him.

He started gasping again, that’s when we stopped chest compressions and we just kept talking to him, encouraging him to keep breathing.  He’s a wonderful young man with a bright future and that’s all we could hope for, that he would be okay.”

Ajethan Ramachandranathan, student saved by MIKEY defibrillator

Ajethan Ramachandranathan, April 17, 2012. PHOTO CITYNEWS.

Said Ajethan Ramachandranathan from his hospital room,

“He saved my life. I really need to see him in person and thank him for that. Thank you sir for saving my life.

Now knowing I almost died, I’m going to try to live life even fuller…going to try to do things I’ve never done before,”


The MIKEY was donated to Weston Collegiate Institute by The Mikey Network through our Mikey Young At Heart School Defibrillator Program.  120 MIKEYS (defibrillators), plus the cost of training of up to eight staff at each location, were donated to the TDSB in 2007.

See the entire interview on CityNews Toronto.

The story was also covered in the National Post.

Tom Hayes from City News Toronto, reports on the quick thinking teachers at Silverhorn Collegiate Highschool that used a MIKEY to save a 17 year old student.

The MIKEY was placed at the school through our Mikey’s Young At Heart School Defibrillator Program.

Part 1 (5:30 Newscast)

Part 2 (6:00 Newscast)