Today The Mikey Network was honoured to participate in CPR Training Day at Cardinal Leger SS, in Brampton, ON. Every year, the students at Cardinal Leger receive CPR training from Peel Regional Paramedic Service (PRPS). We think that’s an amazing initiative and when we were invited to participate in this year’s program we jumped at the chance.

We’re already huge fans of the Peel Regional Paramedic Service from working with them on our Mikey Young At Heart Peel program. Brad Bowie and his team from PRPS, along with Principal Lee-Ann O’Leary, and Lorna Connoy, and their team from Cardinal Leger SS, did an amazing job making the training fun and educational for the students! Breakfast Television was there too so the message of Hands Only CPR and the importance of having MIKEYs (AEDs) available in a cardiac emergency, got spread far and wide. Not a bad morning!

The thought of of hundreds of students with CPR training, out in their community prepared to act in a cardiac emergency, just warms our hearts.


CPR training

Cardinal Leger SS students receiving CPR Training as the school band plays “Stayin’ Alive”


The Mikey Network on Breakfast Television

Mikey Network President Eva Szypulska, talks with Kevin Frankish, from Breakfast Television

Even “Louie the Lancer” got CPR training today

Even “Louie the Lancer” got CPR training today

CPR Training

Principal Lee-Ann O’Leary reads a letter from Premier Kathleen Wynn

Premier Kathleen Wynne's letter commending Cardinal Leger's Annual CPR Day

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s letter commending Cardinal Leger’s Annual CPR Day

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