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Can somebody please advise me personally on engaged and getting married in Ghana, the regulations and/or traditions, engaged and getting married during the court household and necessary and needed documents in order to make this a appropriate marriage. I will be a us resident who will want to marry a Ghanaain perhaps in Ghana.

my partner that is ghanian (ashanti from kumasi)says, that primarily in ghana its by “tribal wedding” this is how you ask the moms and dads , ask them to an event, you spend some cash to your family members ( a maximum of ?200)& let them have frequently a glass or two ,traditionally schnaps-the german liquor. After that you can have blessing in a church.

In Ghana my spouse states that “they do not stand much” from the type that is official of.

We married in england as a result of circumstances involving uk law/ visa problems. my advice is to marry in the usa , then perform a traditional wedding in Ghana. we are going to circumvent up to a marriage that is traditional the near future.

I recently gone back to the united kingdom from engaged and getting married in Ghana (I am British he’s from Ghana )

In the event that family members are into tradition , like mine then once the past post stated , you would have to have a conventional engagment .

which will be the area snapps , cash (we did 1 million cedis ) when it comes to brides moms and dads, a bible (for the bride ) fabric when it comes to mom (it sybolizes one thing related to the delivery ) and a present that is token the father.

we did this in the of (not recommended) and then had a registry wedding morning.

points for the registry

1 only 2 places kumasi and accra

2 can simply marry on tuesdays and thursdays

3 you must submit your write-ups to your registry workplace which seems easy however you cant make appointments and have now to bring your fortune if they are here

4 afterward you need to get back to see the principle registrar who functions you a favour like he is doing ! you should be quite modest if you would like him to execute the marriage because the same as that he could turn you down.Also getting your hands on him had been a nightmare and then we had to return twice and wait a long time untill he had been prepared to see us .

5 at the time make it happen Early AS THERE HAVE BEEN 70 other weddings also it will have been an extremely long delay.

All in all the experience was found by me shocking as there was clearly no organization with no guarantees.

we’d a quantity of 1 regarding the employees whom stored as being an admission to make sure we had been one of the primary become hitched.

If you’d like every other information just holla

7 u will need a lot of PATIENCE !

8 u cannot pre book

sorry we forgot to express

when you yourself have time working for you you can easily submit an application for a nomal wedding licence where they should place the ads for 21 times.

Then you have to apply for a special marriage licence which you have to pay extra for and takes I think 3-4 days if like us time is not on your side

We have no concept if one thing occurred since 1999 once I got hitched. in Tema, which can be some hour far from Accra, depending on which time of times and exactly how far u have stuck in traffic. We do not remember any rush or standing in line or being forced to wait patiently, everyone there clearly was very nice. I’d an experience that is totally different. Therefore do not allow those posts scare u. The permit could need a days that are few that’s about this. Doing in in Tema Courthouse, i am hoping they still get it done there may conserve u a little bit of difficulty.

my post had not been supposed to scare , nonetheless that has been my experience and I also have actually only got hitched . We even got assistance from another ghanian via a friend who’d simply returned form engaged and getting married whom pretty brides website acutally assisted us through as he had been surprised because of the not enough organization also and even though it could be god to pre warn us.

we thought it was supposed to be advise as truthefull and truthful as possibe.

it was our experience and a buddies which and until you got married final thirty days , I truly do not observe how you can easily state i everything you

With regards to documents Huntsville all we required had been our passports as proof of our idenitiies.

Many thanks all I really appreciate for you adivce. Using every thing into account, it appears it will be just a little simpler to get hitched only at house, in the usa.

I will be happy that some body happens to be in a position to assist tinamin from Huntsville.

I know tthat our friend in London whom posted of her experience that is own was exagerating her experience. Any.time a person has got to deal with any type of beaurocracy right right here in Ghana, the ability will be mind-numbing. We have not had very very very first hand experience with engaged and getting married right here in Ghana (luckily, NYC Justice associated with the Peace 18 years back), but off their dilemmas needing us to cope with Ghana federal government, such as for instance Ghana Immigration Service for resident permits, Ghana Lands Department to join up our home, among others, it’s been one delay after another, with no planned framework. Not first come, first served, but usually whom you understand and exactly how money that is much “dash” the official to hurry your documents through.

You should think about a marriage that is legal the usa and a conventional wedding here in Ghana. Buddies of ours who got hitched in NYC with a Judge, then had A ghanaian friend (really my husband who had been my boyfriend then) perform a libation ceremony in the reception; my better half wore old-fashioned kente fabric together with the calabash and schnapps to do the ceremony combined with appropriate terms asking for the ancestors to bless the wedding.