Palmerston Public School Grade 6 Students Receive Life-saving CPR Training

This week, representatives of The Mikey Network were on hand to watch something pretty special.

The grade 6 students at Palmerston Public School in Toronto, took part in some very important training- they were taught how to do CPR and how to use AEDs (automatic external defibrillators) on those who are experiencing cardiac distress.

Palmerston Public School launched the first CPR/AED training in Toronto for 60 Grade 6 students to tie in with Heart Awareness Month.

Each student was provided with a CPR learning kit that contained a blow up “mini Annie” The school will keep them so they can continue this program.

It was a great event with a full EMS demonstration of both CPR and using a defibrillator. The students were very appreciative of Commander Gayle Pollack from Toronto EMS for leading the training, and to Eladio Francisco and Charles Quartarane for demonstrating how to do CPR and use an AED. There was a lot of media attention – there were 3 different TV crews and a handful of photographers as well.

The grade 6 students at Palmerston not only had a lot of fun, but they learned some valuable skills that day. They left feeling empowered, knowing that in an emergency situation they’ll be able to act quickly and help save a life.

We want to thank one our Mikey Network members, Harriet Druker, who was also one of the event organizers, for the invitation!