The Fort Frances Family Health team in Fort Frances, ON, received their MIKEY recently and they were kind enough to send us some pictures of the team with their new defibrillator.  What a great looking group!!

For the last three years the clinic has tried to get a defibrillator from the Ontario Government for their small Northwestern Ontario town. Once we heard about their situation we were able to provide one within 2 weeks.

Defibrillators should be as common in public as fire extinguishers. They should certainly be made available in every health clinic. We’re glad we could help make Fort Frances just a little bit safer.

Health Team with Mikey Defibrilator

mikey defibrillator

The Mikey Network has placed over 2300 MIKEYs (AEDs) through our various programs.

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This map shows the location of the MIKEYs we have placed through our various programs.*

*For privacy reason, some MIKEY placements do not appear on the map

A New Mikey AED placed at RichtreeRichtree Market Restaurant’ s Vice President Patric Laflamme (second from left) receives a MIKEY defibrillator and staff training package from David Eisenstadt, donated by B’nai Brith Executive Softball League’s “Gold Team” and The Communications Group Inc. The Mikey will be installed at Richtree’s Bayview & York Mills restaurant across from Irving Paisley Park, where the Executive League plays.  Also shown (right to left) Mikey Network Executive Director Morty Henkle, Richtree’s Bayview and York Mills Manager Neel Khan and and General Manager Rajh Kandasamy.