Team Mikey

Team Mikey


The dedicated Mikey Team is made up of staff volunteers and community organizations who care deeply about saving lives. We participate in a variety of events throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, to raise awareness and funds for our cause.

You will see Mikey champions at runs, motorcycle rides, community and corporate fundraisers, and numerous other organized opportunities to help.

We also sponsor Mikey Walking Clubs, a Ryerson University School of Nutrition scholarship, and additional heart-smart educational programs.

Talk about teamwork! We welcome YOU to become part of Team Mikey.

There are many ways to help including using our fundraising website to easily to create your own fundraiser, using one of our mobile apps to learn about CPR & Mikey AED, making a donation to help us place more MIKEYs throughout the community, and participating in one of our events.

With the help of Team Mikey, The Beat Goes On …