Mikey Young At Heart School Defibrillator Program

We have expanded the Mikey Young At Heart program by offering high school students the opportunity to earn the volunteer hours they need to graduate, by learning CPR/AED through our free mobile app.

The Mikey Young At Heart App will teach thousands of students CPR/AED, making them more confident to use an AED or administer CPR, should the need ever arise. So start earning volunteer hours today, while you learn to save a life!


How Mikey Young At Heart got started

Each year in Ontario, children and teens are among the 6,500 people who experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Knowing that youth are particularly vulnerable when their hearts skip a beat is alarming, so we established the Mikey Young At Heart program to make our schools safer.

We started by placing MIKEYs (Public Access  Defibrillators) in schools, so that those who experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest on school property might have a second chance at life.

So far, the Mikey Young at Heart program has placed over 500 MIKEY AEDs in schools including the Toronto District School Board, Peel District School Board, Halton District School Board, Halton Catholic District School Board, and Limestone District School Board.

Most importantly, 6 people – 4 students, a teacher, and a member of the community, have been given a second chance at life because a MIKEY was available when they needed it most! Read some of their stories.

 The Peel Plus Program

With our “Peel Plus” Program, The Mikey Network placed a MIKEY in each of the more than 280 public schools in Peel Region.

The MIKEY’s installed under this program are available to the thousands of high school and continuing education students, their teachers, and school staff. The life-saving potential is even greater when you consider that schools form the heart of our communities.

These MIKEYs will also benefit all of the individuals and neighbourhood groups who regularly attend meetings, play sports, vote at their local polling stations, and participate in other special events held on school property.

“More MIKEYs means more second chances at life for people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest,” said Hugh Heron, principal and partner in Herity, President of Heathwood Homes, and Co-Founder of The Mikey Network. “We are very proud of our partnership with the various school boards in this life-saving initiative, and we can’t think of a better place to help educate the public about defibrillators than the city’s school board locations.