How to Use a MIKEY (AED)

mikey defibrillatorsThis page contains demonstration videos that explain how to use the models of defibrillators The Mikey Network has placed. If you are looking for information about How to Check your MIKEY (check the battery, pads expiration date, etc.), you will find that information here.

When someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), the most critical actions a bystander can take are to call 9-1-1, and deliver cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to provide blood flow to the heart and brain.

If that proves ineffective in starting the victim breathing before emergency medical help arrives, and there is a AED (automatic external defibrillator) such as a MIKEY available, anyone can use this machine to deliver a potentially life-saving shock.

MIKEYs are remarkably easy and efficient to use.  Today’s defibrillators walk you through the whole process with audio prompts. Just open the case and follow the instructions delivered via voice prompts.

The operator removes the patient’s clothing in the chest area, attaches the adhesive pads or electrodes to the chest, and stands back while the MIKEY records and analyzes the heart rhythms.  The MIKEY will tell the rescuer when and if to push the button to deliver a shock, and provides audio prompts for the proper steps.

Sometimes CPR is required for a few minutes after defibrillation to help the patient’s heart resume an a more normal rhythm.

These videos demonstrate the use of the types of AEDs The Mikey Network has placed:

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