Apply For A Mikey

The Mikey Network is a registered Canadian charity, governed by rules and regulations set forth by the Canada Revenue Agency. Our charter limits us to consider requests for a MIKEY defibrillator from residents of Canada.

If your child, patient, or organization’s location needs a MIKEY (defibrillator), you can request one using one of our online applications.

Unfortunately due to the large number of spam applications submitted, we have had to lock down the application pages with a password to try to fool the robots. Please enter “mikey” when asked for a password.

Physicians or Parents can apply for a MIKEY on behalf of their patients and children, through our Mikey’s Kids program.

Mikey’s Kids Application ▾

Organizations can apply for a MIKEY for their location, here:

Location Application ▾

Please note that The Mikey Network can only accommodate so many defibrillator requests. Once we receive your application, we will consider it carefully and contact you regarding the feasibility of placing a Mikey with you.