A 15th Life Has Been Saved Using A Defibrillator Placed By The Mikey Network

Mikey Network Heart

Mikey Network HeartWe received some amazing news today!

Earlier this month, a man’s life was saved at a YMCA in Mississauga using a MIKEY (defibrillator) placed there by The Mikey Network in 2004.

This is the 15th life that has been saved using a MIKEY!

Out of respect for privacy we won’t be sharing any further details today, but we are elated to share this news with Team Mikey.

For every minute that goes by without defibrillation, a cardiac arrest victim’s chances of  survival decrease by about 10 percent.

That is why The Mikey Network has dedicated ourselves to placing as many MIKEYs as we can in high-risk public locations.

This is the best news we can receive, and we are very thankful.