A 20th Life Has Been Saved by A MIKEY (Defibrillator) – 1 of the First MIKEYs Placed!

YMCA man saved by Mkey defibrillator

On May 19, 2014,  a 69 year old man went into cardiac arrest and collapsed at the YMCA in downtown Toronto.

The man was found by another patron who alerted the staff and began CPR and ventilations. A lifeguard was the first staff member to arrive and he took over CPR. The YMCA co-ordinator arrived next with the MIKEY (AED). They delivered 2 shocks and the patient had a pulse when the first medic arrived just two minutes after receiving the call.

The patient lost his pulse again, and was shocked again by the paramedic. CPR was continued and they had another return of pulse. The patient was transported to Toronto General Hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

The YMCA patron and the two staff members, were instrumental in saving this man’s life, as was the quick arrival of EMS to the scene. True heros in our book!

The MIKEY was one of the original AED units we placed, back in 2004. This is the 20th life saved using a public access defibrillator placed by The Mikey Network.

In Mike’s honour, the beat goes on…

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