33rd Life Saved Through Mikey On The GO Program

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Amazing news! We were just informed that a 33rd life has been saved by a MIKEY defibrillator!

Earlier this week, a GO Transit Safety Officer used a MIKEY on a male who was in cardiac arrest. The Safety Officer applied both CPR and the MIKEY AED until Emergency Medical Services arrived. Police later advised that, due to the Officer’s efforts, the man is expected to survive.

That makes 33 people who have been given a second chance at life!

mikey-on-the-goThis was all due to our Mikey On The GO Program. The MIKEY defibrillator that was used to save this man’s life is just one of 100 units placed throughout the GO Transit system by The Mikey Network through our Mikey On the GO program, with the generosity of Herity and Heathwood Homes. This is the fourth person who has been saved with a MIKEY AED placed through the Mikey On the GO program.

We want to thank the GO Transit Safety Officer whose quick action helped give a victim of cardiac arrest their second chance at life.