The 27th Life Saved With A MIKEY Defibrillator Was A Family Effort


One of our Mikey’s Kids families informed us today that a 27th life has been saved with a MIKEY!

Our Mikey’s Kids program provides MIKEYs (AEDs) to families when a heart condition requires a defibrillator to be on hand at all times. In many cases these children cannot leave the hospital without a portable defibrillator. Having the MIKEY with them allows families to lead a more normal life, knowing that help is close at hand should they need it.

In this case, the MIKEY was provided for the son, but it was the dad, who was diagnosed as low risk, that needed the help. Mom, who happens to be an MD in family practice, used the MIKEY AED to administer 2 shocks to restore dad’s normal heart rhythm. Dad was awake when paramedics arrived, and is doing well.

This is the third time a Mikey’s Kids family has used their MIKEY to save a family member’s life, and the 27th life that has been saved using a MIKEY AED.

This save was truly a family effort, and we are so grateful that this father will have a second chance at life.