Here are a few ways you can stay active at home


Staying active is not only important for your heart-health, but it is also important for your overall health. We know that life can get really busy, but you can stay active at home as’s how:

  1. Home Gym: Set-up a home gym in your basement, living room or even bedroom. You can buy light weights, a skipping rope or even install a treadmill.
  2. Stay active with your pet: Your pet needs exercise too! There’s no better way then to play fetch with your dog around the house!
  3. Dance! Play some of your favourite tunes and dance like nobody is watching! This is a great way to exercise most of your muscles and stay active.
  4. Clean: Now, cleaning isn’t the most fun activity but it sure is an active one. Any sort of movement around your home can help you stay active while being in comfort!