How Much Do You Know About Heart Health?

It seems quite simple how we go into maintaining our heart health. Everything ranging from eating a nutritious diet of whole foods and exercising regularly to reduce stress is steps we take for the benefit of our overall health. But how much do you really know about what’s bad for you?


Although a more obvious one, it’s easy to tell yourself you’ll try it once at a social gathering or buy a pack when you’re going through the motions. Don’t start! It’s a quick and temporary fix, but it’s not easy to quit. The damage from smoking reaches beyond the lungs and into your arteries. Smoking also presents a higher risk of blood clots and lowers the supply of oxygen needed for all your vital organs to function properly.

Lack of sleep

Sleep is a luxury and you deserve it! It’s a critical time for your body and mind to heal. Inconsistent or poor sleep can result in high blood pressure, increase your risk of diabetes, and depression. If you’re snoring, it’s a red flag that could be linked to a variety of cardiac issues so make sure you’re seeking professional help.

Sitting for extended periods of time

Being inactive for a long time could cause poor blood circulation which could disrupt your focus at work. Try standing desks or take a quick walk break to get the blood flowing again.

Unhealthy snacking

Many of us have succumbed to indulging on salty chips and sugary cookies. The heavy calories and lack of nutrition in these foods will manifest over time if you overdo it, which is very easy to do. From increased cholesterol to straining your heart by making it work harder, it’s important to be aware of your lifestyle and food choices.

What things are you aware of that’s getting in the way of maintaining a healthy heart? Please share in the comments!

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