Man Saved At the Toronto Racquet Club By A Mikey Installed Just 6 days Prior



On November 2, 2006, the Toronto Racquet Club was the scene of a MIKEY in action. One of the visiting Toronto & District league players, 36-year-old Sam Webster, came off the court at the completion of his match, collapsed and went into sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Within seconds, CPR was initiated. There was no pulse, so it was decided that a defibrillator was needed. Three weeks before, The Toronto Racquet Club had purchased a Mikey, which was installed just six days before the cardiac arrest.

“I was extremely lucky that things came together so well,” Sam says. “I’m amazed that the club had a defibrillator and people onsite who were trained to use it. I feel great, and I’m looking forward to receiving a clean bill of health so hopefully, I can play squash again. I’m living proof that The Mikey Network is helping to save lives.”

Our greatest hope at The Mikey Network is that the Mikeys we place never have to be used. Our second-greatest hope is that when the situation arises that someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest in a public place, a Mikey and a trained responder are on hand to offer that person an increased chance of living.