Student uses knowledge from Young At Heart app to save a life!


Thanks to our Mikey Young at Heart App, Kayley, a 17 year old high school student, learned how to do CPR and saved a man’s life.

Kayley downloaded the Mikey App to earn volunteer hours towards her high school graduation by learning CPR & AED skills with a variety of videos and quizzes. Little did she know these skills would give her the knowledge and confidence to help someone in an emergency. Way To Go Kayley!

Here is the emergency situation Kayley found herself in:

I was walking in downtown Toronto on labour day Monday with my grandmother, when we noticed people making a fuss. There was a man on the ground and he was blue in colour. Automatically I knew something was wrong.

My grandmother grabbed my backpack and I knelt down beside him to perform CPR. I got to just over 30 compressions and he started to make wheezing sounds. There were people standing around but nobody knew how to properly perform CPR.

I knew CPR because I went through the Mikey Young At Heart App. Going through the videos and quiz’s gave me the confidence to act immediately and without fear. I knew what to do and I knew if I did it, this man would have a better chance of survival.
– Kayley, 17 years old

The Mikey Young at Heart App is free on Google Play and the App Store. We encourage all High School students to earn volunteer hours they need for graduation by using the Mikey App and learning skills to save a life – just like Kayley.

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