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Toronto Police CollegeThe Mikey Network is proud and thankful that a police officer was saved using a MIKEY defibrillator.

On May 2, 2012, at the Toronto Police College, a 52 year old male police officer went into cardiac arrest while exercising as part of his regular training program.

“Fortunately, others at the Toronto Police College gymnasium on Birmingham St. in Etobicoke performed CPR and applied the MIKEY defibrillator. After two shocks, they were able to get a heartbeat. He was transported to Mississauga Trillium Hospital for treatment and is expected to make a full recovery,” said Mikey Network Chairman Hugh Heron.

The MIKEY was one of the approximately 60 defibrillator units donated to the Toronto Police Services, Provincial Courts and Collision Centres, as part of our Mikey Cops Are Tops program.

Police Officers put their lives on the line for total strangers every day.  They are among the first to arrive at emergencies and true heros in every sense of the word.  We are delighted that this officer’s emergency had a positive outcome.