Toronto EMS Paramedic Graduates Donate a MIKEY

Toronto EMS graduates donate a MIKEY


From L to R: Gayle Pollock, Commander, Safe City Program, Toronto EMS, Morty Henkle, Executive Director, The Mikey Network, Paramedics Gregory Salwonchuk, Matthew Ross, Andrew Sheehan, Toronto EMS Chief, Paul Raftis

Toronto EMS Paramedic Graduation Class of February 2014, presented a cheque to The Mikey Network for the installation of a MIKEY defibrillator at the Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club.

The 41 new graduates collected $1460. We are very proud of our partnership with Toronto EMS and the Cardiac Safe City program, and are honoured that these new graduates would mark their special day in such a wonderful and generous way.

Toronto EMS graduates donate a MIKEY