Tytoo Gardens Orphanage in Haiti, Receives Their MIKEY

MIKEY AED donated to Haitian orphanageA few weeks ago Jim Reimer reached out to us for help.  Jim, a paramedic, and his wife, an RN, were heading  to the Tytoo Gardens orphanage, in a small fishing village in Simonette, Haiti.

Jim informed us that Tytoo Gardens has the only 24 hr free medical clinic in the area, the nearest hospital being in Port Au Prince, about 2 hrs away.

Jim and his wife were going to work and teach in the clinic, and they were bringing medical supplies as well as clothing for the orphans.  He said they needed a defibrillator, and asked if we could help.

We were happy to be able to donate a MIKEY , and they were kind enough to send this picture to show it arrived.