31 Lives Have Now Been Saved By A Mikey

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AED in a highschool

Terrific news! Another life has been Saved By A Mikey!

Last Friday, January 15, 2016, at Agincourt High School, a 72 year old man collapsed between Badminton games. He unfortunately went into cardiac arrest, but luckily, a MIKEY AED was on hand.

Bystanders applied the MIKEY and began CPR. The Fire Department and Advanced Care Paramedic crew arrived and continued compressions. At the end of 2 minutes of CPR, a pulse was detected. Our latest Mikey Save is doing well. He says he is happy to be alive and is thankful for those that helped him.

This MIKEY was placed at the school as part of our Mikey Young At Heart Program. This makes 31 lives that have now been Saved By A Mikey! That’s why it’s so important to place AEDs in as many public places as possible. We want to make sure this life-saving device is available should the need arise.