Another Life Saved With a MIKEY (AED)!


mikey-250x166On Sunday, July 13, 2014, a 21st life was saved using a MIKEY (defibrillator).

During an Aurora Soccer Club CUP game between the Aurora Rangers and Man of Yorke, a 50 year old man collapsed in cardiac arrest. 911 was called and CPR was immediately started. Luckily a MIKEY that was donated to the Aurora Soccer Club in 2008, was onhand.

The AED was used to deliver a shock and the man was revived. We were told his heart stopped twice before he was able to be transported to the hospital, where he is recovering.

We are so grateful that this man got a second chance at life because a MIKEY was available when it was needed, and that people had the presence of mind to use it.

[Update] Our Mikey save is now an advocate for placing more AEDs in local sports fields. Read More…

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