Another Mikey’s Kids Family Gains Peace of Mind



Another happy family has received a MIKEY defibrillator through our Mikey’s Kids program!

For parents with children who have heart problems, like Long QT Syndrome, having a portable defibrillator can literally be life-saving. Knowing that an AED is on hand and ready to help save their child’s life gives so much peace of mind.

We know the first few minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest event is critical to increasing chances of survival. Our Mikey’s Kids program allows children with a high risk of SCA lead a happier, healthier and more active life. These portable MIKEYs can be taken along with them anywhere – at home, at school and at play.

You can learn more about the Mikey’s Kids program and read the testimonials from Mikey Families themselves here. You can also help give these families peace of mind by donating to The Mikey Network directly.

Thank you to Sarah Cooper for sharing this photo with us. We’re always so happy to hear from another one of our Mikey’s Kids families!

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  1. Amanda Cooke says:

    Congratulations Sarah from one LQTS Mikey family to another! It is a great peace of mind to have!

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