TechTalk with Marc Saltzman Highlights Mikey App



Our President Eva Naumovski was recently on NewsTalk 1010’s Tech Talk with Marc Saltzman discussing The Mikey Network’s mission and our brand new Mikey Young At Heart App.

Eva talked about how we’re engaging students in learning basic AED skills. The app has various courses that teenagers complete to gain the community service hours they need to graduate high school in Ontario.

Eva also talked about the 1800 MIKEY defibrillators we have placed in the community, as well as the 27 lives that have been Saved By A Mikey, including five who were saved in schools. She discussed the fact that when it comes to cardiac arrest, time is of the essence. EMS takes an average of eight minutes to arrive at a call, but sufferers lose 10% of their brain function every minute they are in cardiac arrest. That’s why making MIKEYs publicly accessible is so important.

You can listen to the interview below at the 12:00 minute mark.