The Mikey Network has made a donation to the Advanced Tactical Training Search and Rescue


The Mikey Network is pleased to announce that we’ve been able to supply The Advanced Tactical Training Search and Rescue in Kitchener, ON with a MIKEY for their second rescue vehicle.

Based in the Waterloo Region, the group supports search and rescue operation needs throughout south western Ontario. They have advanced levels of training in:

  • Ground Search and Rescue
  • Canine
  • UAV (Drone) support and search patterns
  • Assistance of water rescue
  • Urban Search and Rescue, with the emphasis on disasters, including possible plane crash and building collapses.

We’re so glad that groups like The Advanced Tactical Training Search and Rescue exist, as they truly offer invaluable protection and life-saving services. We hope that their new MIKEY serves them well.

Want to know more about MIKEY’s? Check out the MIKEY page here.

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