3 Heart-Healthy Foods to Add to your Diet

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3 Heart-Healthy Foods to add to your diet by Healthline.  

It’s important that you are continuously taking care of your heart. We have put together a short article which contains 3 heart-healthy foods to add to your diet

Whole Grains

Health-line shows a study that whole grains lower the risk of heart-disease by 22%. A few types of whole grains are brown rice, oats, and quinoa.


Whether you eat berries for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner- you cant go wrong! Not only are they delicious and contain natural sugar, but berries contain antioxidants which can severally reduce the risk of heart-disease.


Avocados have a ton of healthy-fats, which can also lower cholesterol and you’re also not likely to have metabolic syndrome.

To learn more about the other types of heart-healthy foods you should be adding to your diet, you can check it out here.

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