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toronto police officer saved with defibrillator

Const. Andrew Rosbrook (R), and Det. Const. Laurie McCann (L), who helped save his life.

We just received some amazing news that we have to share. Tonight on The Mikey Network Facebook page, Officer Andrew Rosbrook, left this note telling his story.  Andrew’s story starts rough, but ends in the best, most inspirational way.

Just 5 months after collapsing from Sudden Cardiac Arrest at the Toronto Half Marathon, Andrew will be running in the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Run, from Toronto to Ottawa. He expects to run between 80 and 100 kilometres!

Here is Andrew’s story in his words:

” On May 5th, 2013, while nearing the finish of the Toronto Half Marathon, I collapsed. Within seconds, a police officer, two off duty doctors and a trainee paramedic were on scene. They rolled me over and realized I did not have a pulse and was not breathing. For close to seven minutes they performed CPR and AR on me.

Twice they thought they could feel a pulse and twice they realized that my heart was not pumping on its own. Two paramedics on bicycles arrived carrying a portable AED which had been provided by the Mikey Network. The pads were applied and I was shocked once. My heart started and I was transported to St Mikes Hospital where a stent was introduced to my left descending artery, which had become completely blocked.

After three days I was released from hospital and within a month I was running again. As an avid and experienced competitive runner, it would have been unimaginable for me not to run.

On September 26 (Five months after my cardiac arrest) I will be part of a team of 250 police officers and law enforcement professionals running from Toronto to Ottawa to honour those officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. We shall arrive in Ottawa on September 28. I expect to run somewhere in the region of 80 to 100 kilometres in the three day period.

I am doing this run not only to give thanks to fallen officers and support their families, but also to illustrate and highlight the awesome benefit of AED’s, the crucial role they played in my survival and recovery and my hope that one day they will be as commonplace in our society as fire extinguishers.

I have included the link for the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Run, which has a Toronto Star article about my collapse. If you see us running through the streets of Toronto or Ottawa or along Highway 2, pause for a moment and give us a cheer. Oh and I apologize if you are the one stuck behind us in traffic.

As a very poignant footnote, the police officer who helped save me, Laurie McCann, has become a very good friend and running partner of mine and will be running with me to Ottawa. “

We know you will join us in supporting Andrew as he runs in the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Run. His story is an inspiration to all of here at The Mikey Network.

Each year, the Canada 911 Foundation holds an annual motorcycle ride, Canada’s 911 Ride. This was the 7th year for this amazing two-day event, which took place August 17 and 18, travelling through South Western Ontario.

This year the Canada 911 Foundation raised $20,000 for the Mikey Network as their charity of choice. Since 2006, the Canada’s 911 Foundation has raised $200,000 for The Mikey Network! We can’t thank them enough for their generosity and support.

Along the route, we were pleased to be able to present some MIKEYs

Through the Canada 911 foundation, we presented Bruce Farr, Acting VP Paramedic Operations at Ornge, with 4 MIKEYs in memory of four Ornge employees fallen in the line of duty. We asked the families to choose a public area in which to place the defibrillators, in memory of their family member.

Mikey Network at Canada 911 Ride
Next, the ride stopped in Stratford, Ontario. Morty Henkle, Director of The Mikey Network, and Dan Lawrence, Founder of Canada’s 911 Ride, presented a MIKEY to the City of Stratford. Councillor Karen Smythe accepted on behalf of the city.

Mikey Network at Canada 911 Ride

From there, the ride went to Guelph.  Thanks to a donation from Nestle Waters, we were able to present two MIKEYs. One went to the Puslinch Police department. Fire Chief Robert Gordon of Puslinch Ontario, TPS Staff Inspector Dave Marks and John Challinor II, Director of Corporate Affairs Nestle Waters, accepted on their behalf. Next, the ride went to went to the Guelph Police Station where the second MIKEY was presented to the Guelph Police Chief Bryan Larkin.

Mikey Network at Canada 911 Ride


Gloria Kovach., mother of Jennifer Kovich, accepted a MIKEY in memory of her daughter Jennifer, a fallen officer.

Mikey Network at Canada 911 Ride
G4force Security Company has placed three MIKEYs in memory of three fellow security guards fallen in the line of duty. Rob Murray, Jay Bowser, Matthew Schuman of G4orce Security accepted in their honour.

Mikey Network at Canada 911 Ride

You can see more pictures on the Canada’s 911 Facebook page.

CTV News in Kitchener ran some nice coverage of the event too. Watch that here.

Mikey Network Niagara Movers

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK St. Catharines–Niagara Franchisee Cotie Drinkwater displays one of their Mikey defibrillators, as his team looks on.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK moving trucks are first in the St. Catharines – Niagara region in Ontario, to be equipped with Mikey defibrillators as part of the Mikey On Board program.

Franchise Owner Cotie Drinkwater demonstrated how a MIKEY installed in all their moving trucks, saves lives.

Working with Emergency Medical Services, all TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Canadian franchisees, their drivers and staff are trained to use a MIKEY. Having MIKEYs on TWO MEN AND A TRUCK vehicles increases the chances of making one accessible when the unexpected happens.

Said  Chuck Resnick,  Vice President, Operations, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK – CANADA, “We hope we never have to use these Mikeys, but when you consider the physical nature of moving, it makes sense to have defibrillators on our trucks, in case our movers or families involved in a move have a problem. And, there is always the possibility of someone going into sudden cardiac arrest walking down the street, or perhaps being in a car accident.  So with our trucks on the road, we are now in a position to be able to respond should someone need help.”

Mikey Network Chairman and President of Heathwood Homes, Hugh Heron added, “These moving trucks with their EMS-trained personnel circulate throughout their communities every day and by carrying a MIKEY, they carry a second chance at life for people who might be affected by sudden cardiac arrest. This program is a tremendous venture and for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK in Canada, it’s a moving industry first.

Heron added, “We challenge other companies with vehicles on the road to follow suit and install MIKEYs and have their staff trained in CPR/AED.”

vaughan soccer club mikeyOne of the latest MIKEY installations occurred at the Vaughan Soccer Club’s Vaughan Sportsplex2 indoor facility.

“Today, thanks to a generous grant from our sponsors, Heathwood Homes and The Heron Group of Companies, the Vaughan Soccer Club’s indoor training facility Vaughan Sportsplex2 NOW has a Mikey defibrillator installed in its building.

Vaughan Soccer is very pleased to have the defibrillator placed “in honour” of John Park, Chief Scout, Celtic FC – such a distinguished individual who means so much to the beautiful game of soccer.

In addition to the installation, a team of volunteers from both the Vaughan Soccer Club and Vaughan Sportsplex 2 underwent training to recognize the symptoms of heart attack and stroke, learned how to administer CPR and how to operate the defibrillator.

We hope that the defibrillator, together with our trained volunteers, will help save lives in the event of a cardiac emergency!

Read more about what Vaughan Soccers Club had to say about their new MIKEY here.



Our friends at Auto|One visited our offices to present us a cheque for $5000, from their fundraising efforts for the 2013 Walk For Life.

We are honoured that Auto|One has selected The Mikey Network as their chosen charity for all future events and fundraisers, and we are proud to have their support!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone on the the Auto|One team for this generous donation.

The people at Auto|One make it a company with heart. Now if we could only get them to loosen up and have a little fun now and then 😉 !

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