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Meaford and District Fire Department Get MIKEYs (defibrillators)Meaford, Ontario, is a safer place now that the Meaford and District Fire Department have two new MIKEYs. Rapid defibrillation is the single most important factor affecting survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest in adults and if defibrillated within the first minute of collapse, the victim’s chances for survival are close to 90 percent.

The team was kind enough to send us this picture posing with one of their new defibrillators. Looking good, guys!



This week’s Fitness Post is brought to you by personal trainer Igor Klibanov from Fitness Solutions Plus.

Everyone wants a fast metabolism, and for good reason. A fast metabolism gives you lots of energy, and the ability to eat “bad” foods without paying the price (immediately, anyway).

But let me correct you. You don’t want a super-fast metabolism. You want an optimal metabolism. There is such a thing as too fast, and if your metabolism is too fast, yes, you burn fat, but you also burn muscle (or have a very hard time building muscle) and bone. Not ideal effects.

Another half myth is that your metabolism slows down as you age. I say “half myth” because people seriously overestimate how much their metabolism slows down as they age. If you’re 50 years old and have more fat than you did at 20 is it because you’re 30 years older? Or is it because when you were 20, you used to play basketball 2 hours a day? Or think back to when you were 10 years old. Do you have more fat now than you did back then because you’re older or because you used to play tag during recess?

Sure, there’s no question that metabolism slows down as you age, but the amount that it slows down due to aging is much smaller than you think. That’s both good and bad news. The good news is that your metabolism is almost completely within your control. The bad news is that now you can’t use age as an excuse for the excess body fat you’re carrying.

But anyways, that’s just a bit of a rant.

How do you speed up your metabolism?

To answer that question, let’s look at what makes up your resting metabolic rate (RMR). There are 3 factors:

1.      Thermic effect of feeding. This is basically how many calories you burn just digesting the food that you ate. With fat, you use up 2-3% of the calories you ate to digest and assimilate it. With carbohydrates, you use 5-10% of the calories you ate to digest and assimilate it. With protein, you use 25-30% of the calories you ate to digest and assimilate it.

2.       Physical activity. This can be divided into:

a.       Exercise
b.      Non-exercise physical activity (NEPA).

It’s in the physical activity department where the greatest potential lies in speeding up your metabolism. With exercise, if you are able to put on lean body mass, you will speed up your metabolism. Muscle speeds up your metabolism. And healthy organs speed up your metabolism even more. Remember, the term “lean body mass” doesn’t just mean muscle. It means everything that isn’t fat. That includes your brain, your skin, your liver, your digestive and reproductive organs, etc. By having well-functioning internal organs, your metabolism will naturally speed up (if it’s slow).

NEPA is an interesting one, because there is quite a bit of evidence to suggest that the difference between the naturally thin person and the person struggling. NEPA, as the name implies is everything that isn’t exercise. It’s the fidgeting, chewing the food more, walking around more, tapping your pen/pencil, etc.

Naturally thin people burn as much as 900 calories per day through NEPA alone!

That’s great news for you if you have body fat you’d like to lose. Much of it is within your control.

Short Summary

Metabolism consists of 3 factors:

  • Thermic effect of food
  • Exercise
    • Perform muscle-building exercise to speed up your metabolism.
  • Non-exercise physical activity (NEPA)
    • This may be one of the key differences between naturally thin people and people struggling.
    • NEPA can add up to as much as 900 calories per day!

With a charity casino, live auction and silent auction, our friends at Auto|One Group raised $11,500 for The Mikey Network at their “50 years of James Bond and Porsche” benefit!

The event celebrated the 50th Anniversary of James Bond, so everything was 007 themed.  The entire room was transformed into a casino for the night, complete with poker, blackjack and roulette tables.

There were even iconic Bond-style cars on display, including two Aston Martins, a custom Mercedes C class and a Ferrari F430. A highlight of the night was the martini station, complete with a custom 007 inspired Auto|One ice sculpture that poured out drinks.

We had a wonderful time at the event and loved meeting all our friends, old and new.

Thank you to everyone who came out and generously donated, and huge THANK YOU to The Auto|One Group for their ongoing support of The Mikey Network!

Andrew Rosbrook Team MikeyLast Thursday September 26, one of our MIKEY “saves”, Toronto police officer Andrew Rosbrook, took part in the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Run from Toronto to Ottawa. When Andrew collapsed during a Marathon five months ago, fellow police officer, Laurie McCann, was one of the first people on scene. He and Laurie are both ran to honour and give thanks to fallen officers and their families.

Constable Andrew Rosbrook and The Mikey Network saw a lot of news coverage during the run. Here’s our news roundup:

CTV Toronto – Officer running 460k to Ottawa once suffered cardiac arrest

CBC – Cop Up and Running Again After Near Fatal- Collapse

Global News – National Peace- Officers Memorial Run Begins Today in Toronto

CBC – Toronto cop running again

Global News – Hundreds Take Part in Run Ride to Honour Fallen Police Officers

Huffington Post – Cop Up and Running Again

Yahoo Finance – Toronto Police Officer to Run a Three Day Relay Five Months After Rebounding from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Digital Journal – Toronto Police Officer to Run a Three Day Relay Five Months After Rebounding from Sudden Cardiac

City News – Toronto Cop on Moment His Heart Stopped Beating

City News – Toronto Cop to Run Relay After Facing Death

Global News – Run to Remember

680 News – National Peace Officers Memorial Run Begins Thursday


Our friends at THE AUTO|ONE GROUP and CORPFINANCE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, are holding an event to benefit The Mikey Network, and you’re invited!




RSVP to or call Bradley at 416-479-4400 ext 124.  

Friends and family are welcome, please identify the number of guests that will be

attending in your RSVP.


For over 5 decades James Bond has been driving iconic vehicles, but never a Porsche. Just imagine the possibilities… well that is exactly what we did and we are inviting you to experience this for yourself.

Join us for an exclusive James Bond themed event featuring 5 decades of Porsche (and a few gems Bond actually drove). The event will be complete with food, drinks, live music, auctions and a few secrets along the way. You will be able to get up close and personal with Bond Villains, Gadgets and Iconic Vehicles. Plus you can lounge in our own Casino Royale featuring Blackjack, Poker and more, all proceeds raised will go to support The Mikey Network.

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 6pm to 10pm 
150 Oakdale Road, Toronto, ON. M3N 1V9

Click here for directions 
Valet Parking and Designated Driving Service will be provided

AHM7XH Playing Cards

This exclusive event is a sign of appreciation towards our valued clients, friends and family.


The event will feature a silent/live auction with amazing items up for grabs, all proceeds raised will go to support The Mikey Network. Highlighted items include:

  • James Bond Memorabilia
  • Official Porsche Go Kart
  • Home Enterainment System
  • Racing Inspired Furniture
  • Automotive Stylings and Accessories
  • And many, many more…