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How Many Calories Are You Really Burning?

  This week’s Fitness Post is brought to you by personal trainer Igor Klibanov from Fitness Solutions Plus.   After a full hour jog, you look on the treadmill, you check the number of calories burned, and the magic number is 637 calories. Not bad for an hour on the treadmill. But how accurate is this? Let’s … [Read More...]


MIKEY Defibrillators Can Be Found Far and Wide

  Many of the MIKEY defibrillators we place can be found in our local community, but for everyone here at The Mikey Network, that's just the beginning. We would love to see the work we do grow and spread worldwide until AEDs are as commonplace as fire extinguishers. One of the ways we're working towards this … [Read More...]

Man Saved With A MIKEY (AED) At Oakville Hockey Arena

We've been given the amazing news that a 25th life has been saved using a MIKEY (defibrillator)! Last week at Joshua’s Creek Hockey Arena, in Oakville, Ontario, a man approximately 40 years old went into Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). He was noticed by an employee, who ran and got their MIKEY(AED). The MIKEY delivered a … [Read More...]


OCA Raises Over $2000 to Equip Ontario Camps with MIKEYs

The Mikey Network was at this year's Ontario Camps Association Conference, talking about how MIKEYs can make their camps safer. The OCA is proud to announce that this year they raised over $2000 during their Exhibit Hall Raffle. All of the proceeds are going directly to the MIKEY Network to equip camps across Ontario … [Read More...]

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