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TORONTO, February 22, 2013

The Mikey Network  has applauded Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s announcement that the Government of Canada is working with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) to put in place Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and related training in community hockey arenas across Canada.

“Since our inception 10 years ago, we have donated about 90 MIKEY defibrillators to various hockey arenas across Canada.  In fact, in 2004 the first 3 MIKEYS were donated to Canlan Ice Sports Arenas.  We have always believed that defibs become as prominent in public places as fire extinguishers,” said Mikey Network Chairman Hugh Heron, “so we are delighted to learn of this news from the Federal Government as we continue our work to place MIKEYS, get people trained in CPR/AED and save lives.”


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Join Team Mikey at the Walk of Life 2013Join TEAM MIKEY at the WALK OF LIFEWalk of Life 2013

The Mikey Network will not only participate in this great walk but also help raise money for the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, whose cardiac rehabilitation centres take over where the Mikeys leave off, helping thousands of cardiac survivors recover and ideally live long and heart healthy lives. Come out and participate in a fun, healthy day for the entire family.


1 km, 3 km & 5 km Walk/5 km Run Sunday, May 26th, 2013. At the Evergreen Brick Works. As our gift to you The Mikey Network will pay the Registration Fee for all TEAM MIKEY participants and every team member will receive special TEAM MIKEY gear.

location of Walk of Life 2013Your goal:

  1. Raise a minimum of $100 towards this great cause.
  2. Encourage 5 friends or family members to participate.

Event Details:

Date:  Sunday, May 26, 2013


Walkers START AT: 10:15 am


Please visit the event website and register to join Team Mikey today!

At the Event Site, please remember to click on “Join Team”

Team Mikey's Walk of Life fundraising page

Here’s that event website link again.

We hope to see you there!


Shoveling Snow and the Risk for Heart Attack or Sudden Cardiac ArrestToday, much of the northeast is being blanketed by snow. We’re certainly getting our share here in Toronto. So we though it would be a good day to talk about how cold weather snow shoveling can increase the risk of  heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest.  More importantly, how you can protect your heart and reduce that risk.

Let’s face it- shoveling snow or even just walking in the snow, is strenuous activity.  Sometimes people with heart problems, who would never consider lifting weights or running a 5K, forget that when the white fluffy menace blankets their driveway.

P.J. Skerrett, Managing Editor, Harvard Health writes,

“Snow shoveling is a known trigger for heart attacks. Emergency rooms in the snowbelt gear up for extra cases when enough of the white stuff has fallen to force folks out of their homes armed with shovels or snow blowers.

What’s the connection? Many people who shovel snow rarely exercise. Picking up a shovel and moving hundreds of pounds of snow, particularly after doing nothing physical for several months, can put a big strain on the heart. Pushing a heavy snow blower can do the same thing. Cold weather is another contributor because it can boost blood pressure, interrupt blood flow to part of the heart, and make blood more likely to form clots.”

You can read his entire article here.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you pick up that snow shovel.

The MetroHealth Heart & Vascular Center, offers this great advice:

Before You Shovel Snow

  • Talk to your doctor before you take on this task of snow shoveling.
  • Avoid shoveling immediately after you awaken as most heart attacks occur early in the morning when blood is more prone to clotting. Wait for at least 30 minutes and warm up.
  • Do not eat heavy meal before shoveling: blood gets diverted form the heart to the stomach.
  • Warm up your muscles before starting by walking for a few minutes or marching in place.
  • Do not drink coffee or smoke for at least one hour before or one hour after shoveling or during breaks. These are stimulants and elevate your blood pressure and heart rate.

While Shoveling Snow

  • Use a small shovel: shovel many small loads instead of heavy ones.
  • Begin slowly and take frequent, 15 minute breaks.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Dress in layers, to avoid hypothermia (low body temperature) or overheating.
  • Cover your head and neck (50% body heat lost thru head and neck).
  • Cover your mouth (breathing cold air can cause angina or trigger breathing problems.
  • Watch for warning signs of a heart attack, lightheadedness, dizziness, being short of breath or if you have tightness or burning in chest, neck, arms or back. If you think you are having a heart attack call 911.

So how do you know if you’re at risk from shovelling?

In this CTV News article, The Heart and Stroke Foundation recommends that if you have ever had a heart attack, stroke, or heart surgery, it might be best to call someone to do the shoveling for you. If you want to do it yourself, speak to your doctor about the risks first.

The same applies if you currently have uncontrolled high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are obese, smoke, or are overweight or have an inactive lifestyle.

The warning signs of a heart attack include:

  • pressure in your chest
  • pain radiating down one arm
  • shortness of breath or dizziness
  • profuse sweating
  • intense nausea

So stay safe, stay warm, and if you’re at risk for heart problems, leave the snow where it is. Spring is right around the corner, right?

Photo by gautamnguitar on Flickr



Mikey defibrillator donation

The Mikey Network is proud to donate a life-saving MIKEY  (defibrillator) to the Town of St. Marys, Ontario. Welcome to Team Mikey!


CTV News reports on Craig and Jennifer Hansen, using their MIKEY defibrillator to save their two year old son, Carter. The video aired on CTV News, December 11, 2012

The Hansens received their MIKEY through our Mikey’s Kids program, which provides a MIKEY (a portable automated external defibrillator- AED), to families whose children are at high risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest to carry with them at all times so their kids are protected at home, school or play.
It is a fantastic story and we wanted to share it with the entire Mikey Network family.

Read more about the Hansen’s story.

Read more about the Mikey’s Kids program.

It takes a community to help a child with heart problems…
Please help us place a MIKEY in the home of every family in need.