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A New Mikey AED placed at RichtreeRichtree Market Restaurant’ s Vice President Patric Laflamme (second from left) receives a MIKEY defibrillator and staff training package from David Eisenstadt, donated by B’nai Brith Executive Softball League’s “Gold Team” and The Communications Group Inc. The Mikey will be installed at Richtree’s Bayview & York Mills restaurant across from Irving Paisley Park, where the Executive League plays.  Also shown (right to left) Mikey Network Executive Director Morty Henkle, Richtree’s Bayview and York Mills Manager Neel Khan and and General Manager Rajh Kandasamy.

Amy RosenAmy Rosen took first place at the Blue Dragon Iron Chef-style cook-off for food media, and generously donated her $2,000 prize cheque to the Mikey Network.

Thank you Amy!!

Photo credit: ntbCreative.

2011 SCAA Awards The Mikey Network

The Mikey Network is so proud to have been honoured with the  2011 SCAA Public Service Award, by the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association at their 2011 Leadership Awards & Benefit.

In their words:

Furthering efforts to increase public safety and consciousness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in communities across the country, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA) honored medical institutions, nonprofit organizations, corporate citizens and patient advocates with its 2011 Leadership Awards for their work to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), prevent sudden cardiac death and improve cardiovascular health. The awards were presented Saturday, September 24, 2011, at the SCAA Benefit and Awards Dinner in Minneapolis, Minnesota, taking place in conjunction with the 2011 SCAA Annual Meeting.

“This year’s award recipients have made a significant mark in the fight to increase survivability from SCA. Whether through public policy, emergency medicine, or community initiatives, these honorees have strategically influenced the public’s understanding of SCA,” said Jeffrey G. Micklos, chairman of SCAA.   

SCAA is The United States’ largest non-profit advocacy organization exclusively dedicated to SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) awareness and prevention. Its membership is comprised of SCA survivors, medical professionals, patient advocates, emergency responders, educators and legislators dedicated to promoting solutions to prevent sudden cardiac death through increased awareness, immediate bystander action, public access to defibrillation (PAD) and access to therapies.

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Mikey defibrillator used to save GO passenger

Derek Thompson used a Mikey to rescue a man having a cardiac arrest. Photo Credit: JOSH TAPPER/TORONTO STAR

As the GO train pulled in to Union Station, George Koshil, who had been scheduled for coronary artery bypass surgery in late October, collapsed and went into cardiac arrest on Platform 12.

Lucky for him, GO customer service ambassador Derek Thompson was there.  After Koshil stopped breathing, Thompson fastened a Mikey (portable Automated External Defibrillator) to Koshil’s chest and hit the button. He then performed CPR before Koshil coughed and started breathing.  Paramedics arrived soon after and rushed Koshil to St. Michael’s Hospital.

According to one passenger who contacted GO to commend Derek Thompson,

 “The [CSA] appeared to be calm, in control and fully trained for the incident.  He used the defibrillator (I think twice) and administered chest compression, as well as mouth to mouth.  The last thing I saw was the man breathing.  I don’t know if the elderly man survived but high praise to the [CSA] who worked hard in reviving the man.  …  I am glad to see that the staff at GO transit is fully trained in emergencies and that they care!”

George Koshil is recovering well after surgery.

The MIKEY used was one of 100 Defibrillators placed throughout the GO Transit network as part of the Mikey On the GO program.

The Lake Shore Yacht Club in Etobicoke held their Annual Charity Event, and this year The Mikey Network was the charity of choice.

This year’s theme was pirates, and the children and adults alike, all had a great time.

The event raised $1,200 for The Mikey Network, and we want to thank everyone involved for their generosity and support.

The Mikey Network at the Lake Shore Yacht Club Charity Event

Lake Shore Yacht Club Charity Event for The Mikey Network

The Mikey Network at the Lake Shore Yacht Club Charity Event