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On May 19, 2014,  a 69 year old man went into cardiac arrest and collapsed at the YMCA in downtown Toronto.

The man was found by another patron who alerted the staff and began CPR and ventilations. A lifeguard was the first staff member to arrive and he took over CPR. The YMCA co-ordinator arrived next with the MIKEY (AED). They delivered 2 shocks and the patient had a pulse when the first medic arrived just two minutes after receiving the call.

The patient lost his pulse again, and was shocked again by the paramedic. CPR was continued and they had another return of pulse. The patient was transported to Toronto General Hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

The YMCA patron and the two staff members, were instrumental in saving this man’s life, as was the quick arrival of EMS to the scene. True heros in our book!

The MIKEY was one of the original AED units we placed, back in 2004. This is the 20th life saved using a public access defibrillator placed by The Mikey Network.

In Mike’s honour, the beat goes on…


Students Hilary Hendin (left) and Tamar Ellis check out the new Mikey AED. (Nick Pearce photos)

A group of students at Dalhousie University raised $1500 to donate a MIKEY (defibrillator) to their school. Hillel of Atlantic Canada, the Jewish Students’ Association,  raised most of the money through a concert event with both students and professors taking part.

Hillel of Atlantic Canada hosted an unveiling event for the new AED last Friday. Naomi Rosenfeld, the organization’s director of Jewish student life, worked with two Jewish student societies on campus — Hillel Halifax and Israel on Campus — to identify an opportunity to give back to the Dal community.

She said they were guided by a Jewish value called “tikkun olamm,” which translated to English means repairing the world. “We discussed it as an organization and thought this would do a lot of good for the campus and a way to really give back to the community that really does so much for us,” said Rosenfeld.

The new AED device becomes the 28th defibrillator on campus maintained by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. (Additional defibrillators are managed by Dal Security and Dalplex, as well as those used in the hospitals.) Stephen Ellis, Dalhousie’s health and safety officer, helped identify the location for the installation, noting that while there was already an AED in the Killam’s basement (to support IT staff), the main atrium was without a device.

And if you think the machines are mostly just for show, think again: Ellis says that AEDs on campus have been used twice in the past three years, both times successfully.


Left-to-right: Naomi Rosenfeld (Hillel of Atlantic Canada); students Shad Brown, Sarah Ellis, Tamar Ellis, Jesse Zelunka, Hilary Hendin; Danny Shanahan (DSU VP student life).

From Ryan McNutt, Dal News. Read the full article on their website.


The Mikey Network recently supplied two MIKEY defibrillators for the 2014 Heroes are Human PTSD Awareness Tour, hosted by The Tema Conter Memorial Trust. Heroes Are Human is a cross-Canada awareness tour, which began in St. John’s, Newfoundland on Monday May 5th – one of 48 towns and cities that will be visited across the country.

In their own words:

“This grassroots initiative, developed by Toronto-based charity Heroes Are Human – The Tema Conter Memoiral Trust, was launched in the wake of the many suicides and reports of work-related post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) within the ranks of Canada’s public safety, correctional and military organizations.”

We received a lovely letter from the organization, saying:

“We would like to extend our sincerest thank you for supplying us with two MIKEY defibrillators… Having the Mikey defibrillators not only keeps our teams safe, but ensure the safety of those that will be attending our events.”
-Vince Savoai, Executive Director, The Tema Conter Memorial Trust.

In behalf of everyone at The Mikey Network, you are very welcome! We’re more than happy to help  this important cause in any way we can. We hope you don’t need to use the MIKEYs, but help will be on hand if you do.

Constable Andrew Rosbrook’s New Life Mikey Marathon is now underway  complete!

We can’t thank Andrew enough for bringing awareness to the need for more public access defibrillators. You can support Andrew on his mission to raise funds for MIKEY defibrillators by visiting his fundraising page. 

You can read Andrew’s story and check out Andrew’s itinerary to join him for part of his run, or cheer him on along the way, here.

Andrew is running 470 Kilometers, from Ottawa to Toronto. Bookmark this post to follow Andrew on his “Super Marathon” here on our blog, with updates all week. 

** Should anyone wish to join me for a very VERY easy 5 km run to finish off my journey, please meet at Yonge St. and Queen St., Toronto, at 5 pm (The NW Corner, by the south doors of the Eaton Centre. **

His epic run will conclude at approximately 6pm on Monday, May 12th, at Toronto’s Ontario Place. We’ll be running with him for the final 5K (you should join us!) and we’ll be there to celebrate at the finish line at Toronto’s Ontario Place.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~  The Latest Updates  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Monday, May 12, 6:06 PM
He made it!!


Monday, May 12, 5:49 PM
Taking a pause where Andrew was stopped by cardiac arrest last year


Monday, May 12, 5:38 PM
Making our way on Queen St!


Monday, May 12, 5:10 PM
Update from Comedian, Actor and Writer Shaun Majumder! “Hey this man had a near fatal heart attack at last years marathon- he’s running to raise money ! Support Mikey Network!”


Monday, May 12, 5:07 PM
Andrew’s here!


Monday, May 12, 4:58 PM
One of our escorts waiting for Andrew with us.


Monday, May 12, 4:50 PM
Update from Laurie McCann :”Just waiting for Andrew to arrive… Running the last 5km with him.”


 Monday, May 12, 8:45 AM
Preparing for my last day. My feet are very unhappy with me at the moment.



Sunday, May 11, 8:30 PM
Made it to 5500 Finch Ave E, in Toronto!! Yes Toronto!! Thank you, Rick Gill, Derrick Mole and Jesse Crawford, for getting me there.


Sunday, May 11, 7:27 PM
Just coming up to Sheppard and Morningside in Scarborough.
mikey marathon reaches Scarborough


Sunday, May 11, 7:02 PM
Andrew and his companions from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Oshawa, climbing a steep hill past Rouge Park, in East Toronto.


Sunday, May 11, 5:45 PM
At Kingston Rd and Liverpool Rd. in East Toronto


Sunday, May 11, 3:42 PM
Andrew with some of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Oshawa crew, as he made a short stop in Ajax.


Sunday, May 11, 3:29 PM
Relaxing with Lisa Mottram Cain. Back on the road in a while.


Sunday, May 11, 2:31 PM
Passing through Whitby.


Sunday, May 11, 2:07 PM
Support all all along the way. Thanks Nancy!


Sunday, May 11, 12:37 PM
At Thornton Rd., still heading west. Okay I will make a bold statement now, I AM gonna make it!!!!!


Sunday, May 11, 10:15 AM
I picked up this shady looking crew first thing this morning. Scott, Lucas and Scott, go team B platoon!!


Sunday, May 11, 10:09 AM
Andrew with Jesse Crawford from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Oshawa, at Centrefield and Hwy 2.


Sunday, May 11, 10:00 AM
Andrew and his friend Marc near Oshawa


Saturday, May 10, 6:02 PM
With Toronto PS friends in Port Hope. Scott Limerick ran with me from Cobourg. He switched with Vern Fairclough, and went ahead to pipe us in. You can’t buy friends like that.
Andrew Rosbrook with friends from Toronto PS in Port Hope


Saturday, May 10, 4:47 PM
Kari Campbell, from Two Men And A Truck Oshawa came out to meet Andrew in Port Hope
Mikey Marathon Port Hope


Saturday, May 10, 8:50 AM
Wonderful start to day 6! Great catching up with friends in Brighton this morning.
mikey marathon Brighton
new life mikey marathon leaves Brighton


Friday, May 9, 4:37 PM
At Belleville Police Service. And on to Trenton!
Andrew Rosbrook Bellville PS


Friday, May 9, 1:34 PM
Pushing through Shannonville and on to Belleville in the heat.


Friday, May 9, 8:30 AM
Andrew Rosbrook hits Destoronto

Thursday, May 8, 11:29 PM
Made it to Napanee. Sorry, no pictures, It was dark. Very long day, very good company.


Thursday, May 8, 7:00PM
Farewell Kingston. You are a hot little city!


Thursday, May 8, 7:00PM
Thank you Joanne for joining me on the road out of Kingston, you are a gem.


Thursday, May 8, 6:04PM
Passing through Kingston, Andrew chatted with Ian MacAlpine, from the Kingston Whig-Standard. Read Ian’s article here. Photo credit: Ian MAcAlpine /Kingston Whig-Standard/QMI Agency

Andrew Rosbrook  passing through Kingston

Thursday, May 8, 1:00PM
Approaching Kingston
Andrew Rosbrook approaching Kingston


Wednesday, May 7, 6:12 PM
Arriving in Gananoque. My home for the night.

andrew gananoque

Wednesday, May 7, 6:08 PM
Dealing with the sun in my homemade hat. Along the 1000 Islands Pkwy.

Andrew Rosbrook




Wednesday, May 7, 2:19 PM
Along the 1000 Island Pkwy.

Andrew Rosbrook along the 1000 Island Pkwy.


Wednesday, May 7, 7:40 AM
Passing through Brockville
Andrew's Mikey Martathon pases through Brockville


Wednesday, May 7, 7:30 AM
Great picture and article from  SNAP’D 1000 Islands in Brockville this morning. Seen here are Sandy Rosbrook, Clint Thompson, David Dargie, Acting Sergeant Scott Fraser, Andrew Rosbrook, Bud Erye, Anita Rosbrook & Sergeant Doug Locke. – Photo by SNAP’D 1000 Islands. Read the post here.

new life mikey marathon snapd


Wednesday, May 7, 7:26 AM
We’re off and running, heading to Gananoque with St. John Ambulance and Sgt. Locke, from Brockville Police Services escorting. andrew rosbrook new life mikey marathon brockville


Wednesday, May 7, 7:00 AM
Saying farewell to Brockville. I’m receiving an escort from Brockville PS and the St. Johns Ambulance. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!
Brockville - New Life Mikey Marathon


Tuesday, May 6, 7:48 PM
Welcome to Brockville! Constable Jeff Wiwchar provided a police escort for the last 5 K., then Chief of Brockville, Scott Fraser, met me at the historic courthouse. Thanks guys, that’s some class.

Brockville PS
Brockville PS escort Andrew


Tuesday May 6, 2:20 PM
Mike Rosbrook, running the back roads near Bishops Mills, Ontario.

Mike Rosbrook


Tuesday May 6, 1:22 PM
Andrew’s CBC Radio interview was posted online.  Jeanne Armstrong joined Andrew for part of his run along River Road, outside Manotick. Give it a listen!

 Jeanne Armstrong interviews Andrew for CBC Radio



Tuesday, May 6, 9:49 AM
I am meeting some interesting characters along the way. This alpaca watched on as I spoke to Terry Johnston, host of CKDO-AM radio show by phone.



Tuesday, May 6th, 7:56 AM
Andrew did an interview with Terry Johnston, from CKDO Mornings- 107.7 FM & 1580 AM, in Durham.

If you’re on a mobile or can’t see the clip above, you can listen on their website.


Monday, May 5th 7:07 PM
End of day 1. Food and sleep awaits.

Andrew Rosbrook's New Life Mikey Marathon day 1- Kemptville


Monday, May 8, 5:12 PM
About, 12 K. North of Kemptville, Ontario, and loving every minute.

Andrew Rosbrook's New Life Mikey Marathon update

Monday May 5th 8:48 AM

Constable Andrew Rosbrook and his running partner, his Dad Mike, beginning the 470km run.

rosbrook starting line

Mikey Network President, Eva Szypulska, was there to cheer Andrew on as he started his incredible journey.

eva andrew starting line


Monday May 5th 7:26 a.m.

Before beginning his 470km run from Ottawa to Toronto, Andrew and Mikey Network President, Eva Szypulska, were interviewed by CTV News about this amazing feat.  (See the video at: )

rosbrook new life mikey marathon ctv

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Ottawa West Franchisee, Paul Bimm, Constable Andrew Rosbrook, Mikey Network President, Eva Szypulska, and TCGPR Partner, David Eisenstadt, chatting with some Ottawa media before the run.

rosbrook marathon ctv


You can read Andrew’s story and check out Andrew’s itinerary to join him for part of his run, or cheer him on along the way, here.



Mikey Network Peel Schools Defibrillator DonationToday we gathered at Applewood Heights Secondary School in Mississauga, to make an exciting announcement for our Mikey Young At Heart Peel District School Board initiative.

We’ve committed to placing our MIKEYs (defibrillators) in all 250+ schools in the Peel District- a $500,000, 3 year initiative. This is the largest defibrillator donation ever to a North American School Board.

Schools are not just for educating our children, they act as vital community centres. We estimate that having the new MIKEYs available in all Peel District schools will benefit 1,296,814 people including students, faculty, staff, and members of the community that use school facilities for sporting venues, continuing education, and polling centres.

mikey defibrillatorA generous donation of $160,000 from Heathwood Homes, has kicked the program into high gear and the first defibrillator has already been installed at Applewood Heights Secondary School.

Bob Finnigan, COO Housing at The Heron Group of Companies and Heathwood Homes, presented the cheque and announced, “Each  Heathwood homeowner at our new Meadowgreen community will have a MIKEY donated to a Peel District school in their name.”

Hugh Heron, President of Heathwood Homes and Chairman of The Mikey Network, spoke about the importance of defibrillators. “Nineteen lives have been saved by MIKEY defibrillators, including three young students.”

Dipika Damerla, MPP of Mississauga East-Cooksville said, “[Mikey Young At Heart] will be a momentous and meaningful part of Peel history. Thank you to Heathwood Homes for committing to Peel this large donation.”

Brad Butt, Member of Parliament – Mississauga-Streetsville, read a message from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, commending us on our efforts and wishing us well. He added that “approximately 155,000 students and 15,000 school employees in public Peel schools will benefit from MIKEYs.”

Janet McDougald, Chair of Peel District School Board said, “the key focus of the Peel District School Board is to promote a healthy living environment. We’re so grateful to celebrate a donation of 250+ MIKEYs, improving safety for all. Thank you Hugh Heron [of Heathwood Homes].”

Tony Pontes, Director of Education at Peel District School Board said, “this is an exciting moment for all of us. It’s an incredible step forward for the well-being of our students. We support [Heathwood Homes] Hugh Heron’s goal of having a MIKEY everywhere there is a fire extinguisher. We are so thankful.”

emily12-year-old Mikey Student Ambassador, Emily Herbert, is at risk for cardiac arrest due to an inherited disease known as Brugada syndrome. She has her own personal MIKEY defibrillator through our Mikey’s Kids program.

Emily spoke about how she benefits from having a MIKEY close at hand, saying “Now I can play soccer and do cheerleading. The MIKEY is like a seat belt. I hope I never need it, but it protects me if I do.”

The Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, was also in attendance. She said, “We need these [MIKEY defibrillators] all over the place. Heathwood Homes is a perfect example of a builder giving back. Thank you for all your wonderful work.”

The event concluded with a demonstration of a “live save” showing how a MIKEY defibrillator would be used to help someone suffering Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 

Thank you to all our esteemed guests for coming out to celebrate this important initiative. We especially want to thank Applewood Heights Secondary School for hosting our press conference. Congratulations on your new MIKEY defibrillator!

Visit to learn more about the Mikey Young At Heart “Peel Plus” program.