Cardiac arrest does not care how old you are. People have been saved using a MIKEY (AED), from infants to seniors.
Here are some of their stories …


Brilliant news! We’ve just had a 32nd Mikey Save! The man was saved by a Mikey defibrillator that had just been placed only two weeks ago.

Medigroup, who is the masonry company for Heathwood Homes for the last 37 years, decided to install a Mikey in their offices in April of this year. We helped them arrange the training at the end of April.

Less than 2 weeks later they had an incident. An employee working in the warehouse suddenly dropped. But the rest of the staff was well prepared for this emergency and they reacted quickly, using a Mikey to save the man’s life.

What amazing timing. Let the beat go on…!

Terrific news! Another life has been Saved By A Mikey!

Last Friday, January 15, 2016, at Agincourt High School, a 72 year old man collapsed between Badminton games. He unfortunately went into cardiac arrest, but luckily, a MIKEY AED was on hand.

Bystanders applied the MIKEY and began CPR. The Fire Department and Advanced Care Paramedic crew arrived and continued compressions. At the end of 2 minutes of CPR, a pulse was detected. Our latest Mikey Save is doing well. He says he is happy to be alive and is thankful for those that helped him.

This MIKEY was placed at the school as part of our Mikey Young At Heart Program. This makes 31 lives that have now been Saved By A Mikey! That’s why it’s so important to place AEDs in as many public places as possible. We want to make sure this life-saving device is available should the need arise.

We’ve been informed that during a recent GO Transit commute, a male passenger went into cardiac arrest, and one of the MIKEYs (AEDs) we placed through our MIKEY On the GO program was used to help save his life.

After the gentleman went into cardiac arrest, some of his fellow passengers quickly responded by beginning CPR. Fortunately a MIKEY (defibrillator) was available, and it was used along with CPR to successfully resuscitate the man, who is now alive and doing well.

A MIKEY can’t save anyone on it’s own. In every case, there needs to be someone willing to help. MIKEYs are quite easy to use, and walk you through everything with voice prompts.

The MIKEY (defibrillator) is one of 100 units placed throughout the GO Transit system by The Mikey Network in 2008, through our Mikey On the GO program, with the generosity of the Heron Group of Companies and Heathwood Homes.

This is the 30th life saved by a MIKEY! We are so grateful that this passenger had people around him that were willing to answer his call and that this MIKEY was available when it was needed most.

mikey 28th save

Great news! On Sunday October 18th, a 28th life was Saved By A Mikey.

A 40 year old male was participating in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon when he collapsed, suffering from both dehydration and hypothermia.

Fortunately, our friends at the Kawartha Sky Loft Ski Patrol were on hand with a MIKEY defibrillator.  After two shocks, the patient regained a heart rhythm and is now recuperating in a nearby hospital.

Sky Loft Ski Patrol members volunteer their services at various events throughout the GTA. The Mikey Network has donated several defibrillators to their organization. We are so thankful that one of our MIKEYs was available when it was needed most, and that the volunteers who generously donated their time were on hand and ready to help.

This is the 28th life that has been saved using a MIKEY.



One of our Mikey’s Kids families informed us today that a 27th life has been saved with a MIKEY!

Our Mikey’s Kids program provides MIKEYs (AEDs) to families when a heart condition requires a defibrillator to be on hand at all times. In many cases these children cannot leave the hospital without a portable defibrillator. Having the MIKEY with them allows families to lead a more normal life, knowing that help is close at hand should they need it.

In this case, the MIKEY was provided for the son, but it was the dad, who was diagnosed as low risk, that needed the help. Mom, who happens to be an MD in family practice, used the MIKEY AED to administer 2 shocks to restore dad’s normal heart rhythm. Dad was awake when paramedics arrived, and is doing well.

This is the third time a Mikey’s Kids family has used their MIKEY to save a family member’s life, and the 27th life that has been saved using a MIKEY AED.

This save was truly a family effort, and we are so grateful that this father will have a second chance at life.