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21 Different Types Of Food That Can Save Your Heart

Eating healthy on a regular basis is extremely important for good heart-health but overall, your health. Therefore, WebMD published a great article on 21 different types of food that are beneficial to your heart. Fresh Herbs Adding this to your food, instead of salt will not only add flavour but it will eliminate your salt […]

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Ten Essential Foods For A Heart Healthy Diet

Understanding what types of heart-healthy foods to incorporate into your diet can be a confusing process. There are many articles online stating that certain foods or diet fads can benefit you; but who’s to know what is real and what isn’t? Fortunately for us, our Registered Dietitian, Marsha Rosen, has curated a list of heart-healthy foods that […]


Mikey’s Kids Infant Saved with their MIKEY

We were just informed by one of our Mikey’s Kids families in Alberta, that their 1 year old foster child went into cardiac arrest last week, and they needed to use their MIKEY AED to revive them. The foster mom had the presence of mind to administer the pads within 20 seconds, and one shock […]

Ways that Sugar Affects You

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, and slow? Pay attention, because we’re going to talk about how sugar affects you both short-term and long-term. All products that contain refined sugar: breakfast cereals, donuts, muffins pastries, and sugar you put in your tea coffee can all have long-term health effects. Short-Term It makes you gain unhealthy fat. […]

Parsons Professional Corporation donates a MIKEY to Child Care Centre

Parsons Professional Corporation donates a MIKEY AED to R.L. Graham Child Care Centre Parsons Professional Corporation has been a supporter since we established The Mikey Network in 2003. One of the wonderful things they do each year is to donate a MIKEY AED to a location in one of their communities. This year’s recipient is […]