Amazing news! We were just informed that a 33rd life has been saved by a MIKEY defibrillator!

Earlier this week, a GO Transit Safety Officer used a MIKEY on a male who was in cardiac arrest. The Safety Officer applied both CPR and the MIKEY AED until Emergency Medical Services arrived. Police later advised that, due to the Officer’s efforts, the man is expected to survive.

That makes 33 people who have been given a second chance at life!

mikey-on-the-goThis was all due to our Mikey On The GO Program. The MIKEY defibrillator that was used to save this man’s life is just one of 100 units placed throughout the GO Transit system by The Mikey Network through our Mikey On the GO program, with the generosity of Herity and Heathwood Homes. This is the fourth person who has been saved with a MIKEY AED placed through the Mikey On the GO program.

We want to thank the GO Transit Safety Officer whose quick action helped give a victim of cardiac arrest their second chance at life.

We’ve been informed that during a recent GO Transit commute, a male passenger went into cardiac arrest, and one of the MIKEYs (AEDs) we placed through our MIKEY On the GO program was used to help save his life.

After the gentleman went into cardiac arrest, some of his fellow passengers quickly responded by beginning CPR. Fortunately a MIKEY (defibrillator) was available, and it was used along with CPR to successfully resuscitate the man, who is now alive and doing well.

A MIKEY can’t save anyone on it’s own. In every case, there needs to be someone willing to help. MIKEYs are quite easy to use, and walk you through everything with voice prompts.

The MIKEY (defibrillator) is one of 100 units placed throughout the GO Transit system by The Mikey Network in 2008, through our Mikey On the GO program, with the generosity of the Heron Group of Companies and Heathwood Homes.

This is the 30th life saved by a MIKEY! We are so grateful that this passenger had people around him that were willing to answer his call and that this MIKEY was available when it was needed most.

We’ve been informed that 2 more people, an infant and a high school student, have been given a second chance at life because a MIKEY (defibrillator) was available when they needed it.

Greenwood SSOn January 8, 2015, a 19 year old student at Greenwood S.S., in Toronto, went into cardiac arrest.

Their MIKEY was used and a pulse was established, and he was brought to the hospital for further treatment. No further details are available at this time.



On January 10, 2015, one of our newest Mikey’s Kids families needed to use their portable AED to save their infant, Archer. Archer’s parents happen to be paramedics, and his dad Sean, shared this on Twitter:

The MIKEY at Greenwood S.S. was placed through our Mikey Young At Heart School Defibrillator Program, and Archer’s MIKEY was given to them through our Mikey’s Kids program.

We are so grateful that there was a MIKEY available for Archer and at Greenwood S.S., and most importantly, that there were people prepared to use them.

There are now 23 people that been given a second chance at life because a MIKEY was available when they needed it!

Today The Mikey Network was honoured to participate in CPR Training Day at Cardinal Leger SS, in Brampton, ON. Every year, the students at Cardinal Leger receive CPR training from Peel Regional Paramedic Service (PRPS). We think that’s an amazing initiative and when we were invited to participate in this year’s program we jumped at the chance.

We’re already huge fans of the Peel Regional Paramedic Service from working with them on our Mikey Young At Heart Peel program. Brad Bowie and his team from PRPS, along with Principal Lee-Ann O’Leary, and Lorna Connoy, and their team from Cardinal Leger SS, did an amazing job making the training fun and educational for the students! Breakfast Television was there too so the message of Hands Only CPR and the importance of having MIKEYs (AEDs) available in a cardiac emergency, got spread far and wide. Not a bad morning!

The thought of of hundreds of students with CPR training, out in their community prepared to act in a cardiac emergency, just warms our hearts.


CPR training

Cardinal Leger SS students receiving CPR Training as the school band plays “Stayin’ Alive”


The Mikey Network on Breakfast Television

Mikey Network President Eva Szypulska, talks with Kevin Frankish, from Breakfast Television

Even “Louie the Lancer” got CPR training today

Even “Louie the Lancer” got CPR training today

CPR Training

Principal Lee-Ann O’Leary reads a letter from Premier Kathleen Wynn

Premier Kathleen Wynne's letter commending Cardinal Leger's Annual CPR Day

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s letter commending Cardinal Leger’s Annual CPR Day

Mikey Network Peel Schools Defibrillator DonationToday we gathered at Applewood Heights Secondary School in Mississauga, to make an exciting announcement for our Mikey Young At Heart Peel District School Board initiative.

We’ve committed to placing our MIKEYs (defibrillators) in all 250+ schools in the Peel District- a $500,000, 3 year initiative. This is the largest defibrillator donation ever to a North American School Board.

Schools are not just for educating our children, they act as vital community centres. We estimate that having the new MIKEYs available in all Peel District schools will benefit 1,296,814 people including students, faculty, staff, and members of the community that use school facilities for sporting venues, continuing education, and polling centres.

mikey defibrillatorA generous donation of $160,000 from Heathwood Homes, has kicked the program into high gear and the first defibrillator has already been installed at Applewood Heights Secondary School.

Bob Finnigan, COO Housing at The Heron Group of Companies and Heathwood Homes, presented the cheque and announced, “Each  Heathwood homeowner at our new Meadowgreen community will have a MIKEY donated to a Peel District school in their name.”

Hugh Heron, President of Heathwood Homes and Chairman of The Mikey Network, spoke about the importance of defibrillators. “Nineteen lives have been saved by MIKEY defibrillators, including three young students.”

Dipika Damerla, MPP of Mississauga East-Cooksville said, “[Mikey Young At Heart] will be a momentous and meaningful part of Peel history. Thank you to Heathwood Homes for committing to Peel this large donation.”

Brad Butt, Member of Parliament – Mississauga-Streetsville, read a message from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, commending us on our efforts and wishing us well. He added that “approximately 155,000 students and 15,000 school employees in public Peel schools will benefit from MIKEYs.”

Janet McDougald, Chair of Peel District School Board said, “the key focus of the Peel District School Board is to promote a healthy living environment. We’re so grateful to celebrate a donation of 250+ MIKEYs, improving safety for all. Thank you Hugh Heron [of Heathwood Homes].”

Tony Pontes, Director of Education at Peel District School Board said, “this is an exciting moment for all of us. It’s an incredible step forward for the well-being of our students. We support [Heathwood Homes] Hugh Heron’s goal of having a MIKEY everywhere there is a fire extinguisher. We are so thankful.”

emily12-year-old Mikey Student Ambassador, Emily Herbert, is at risk for cardiac arrest due to an inherited disease known as Brugada syndrome. She has her own personal MIKEY defibrillator through our Mikey’s Kids program.

Emily spoke about how she benefits from having a MIKEY close at hand, saying “Now I can play soccer and do cheerleading. The MIKEY is like a seat belt. I hope I never need it, but it protects me if I do.”

The Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, was also in attendance. She said, “We need these [MIKEY defibrillators] all over the place. Heathwood Homes is a perfect example of a builder giving back. Thank you for all your wonderful work.”

The event concluded with a demonstration of a “live save” showing how a MIKEY defibrillator would be used to help someone suffering Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 

Thank you to all our esteemed guests for coming out to celebrate this important initiative. We especially want to thank Applewood Heights Secondary School for hosting our press conference. Congratulations on your new MIKEY defibrillator!

Visit MikeyInPeel.com to learn more about the Mikey Young At Heart “Peel Plus” program.