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Senior athlete’s life saved by a MIKEY!

We’ve just heard the amazing news that another life has been saved using a MIKEY (AED) that we placed.  This MIKEY was given to the Scarborough Seniors Slow-pitch baseball league back 2012. We were informed that the defibrillator was used on July 23 to save a 63 year old gentleman suffering cardiac arrest. We will […]

Without Health Forget Wealth

The more connected we have become, the more disconnected we are. Not just with people but with activity as well.   From a general perspective: social media, instant gratification, and homebodies are making our western society depressed anxious and stressed at levels we have never seen before.  Now, why is that? Why has our connected society […]

Canadian Summer Health Hazards

Cold weather (under 20c) represents about 75% of our Canadian years. The cold typically starts around the middle of September and can run until mid-June, with not much spring or fall.  November to February is where it is particularly cold, and Canadians consistently have waves of -20c (except the BC lower mainland). No wonder when […]

Battle Against Loneliness

A sense of belonging is one of the most important aspects of a person well being. Whether we develop a sense of belonging through friends, family, work or nationally. Without an environment of belongings, people can then feel lonely, a topic many rarely talk about. The loneliness public health crisis is as harmful as smoking […]

Best Places To See Fireworks On Canada Day

Canada Day is the biggest celebratory day in our nation (aside from the Raptors Parade a couple of weeks ago) and every year Canada lights up the sky with a fantastic fireworks display. Celebrating and enjoying time off is always necessary for your health, and Canada Day is the biggest weekend of the year to […]